Play Mahjong Free Online Game

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese tabletop game that has gained wide popularity around the world. It falls into the category of puzzles and is based on the search and removal of identical tiles from the table.

Playing Mahjong requires logical thinking, strategic planning, and quick decision-making from the player. In the classic version of Mahjong, players use a set of special tiles composed of symbols, numbers, and hieroglyphs, which they must match and remove from the table.

The goal is to clear the table of all tiles by finding all identical pairs.

How To Play Mahjong Online

The goal of Mahjong game is to remove all the tiles from the board. The tiles can be deleted in pairs only if both tiles belong to the same class and are not blocked by other tiles.

That is, only unlocked tiles can be deleted. If a tile is covered by a another tile on top or surrounded by other tiles on both the left or right, then it is blocked and cannot be removed. In other words, unlocked tiles are those that can be safely pulled left or right without moving other tiles.

There are 36 tile classes, each with four tiles, giving a total of 144 tiles on the board. Most classes consist of four identical tiles. Exceptions are the class of plants and the class of seasons. These classes can contain four different tiles, although some sets of tiles within these classes are also identical.

Tips and Tricks of Mahjong Online

  • First of all, try to remove the tiles that are on the upper levels, as they block the lower tiles.
  • If you see two tiles of the same class on top of each other, focus on removing the top tile - if you remove the other two tiles from that class, the game is lost.
  • Try to maximize the number of tiles available. If you are faced with the choice of removing a single tile or a tile that blocks others, choose the one that blocks others.